Together we’re crushing carbon and breaking barriers

September 30, 2016
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Biogas units in 630 villages.

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Here’s the breakdown: 11,655 biogas units in 630 villages. One unanimous response. The women are ecstatic. No more smoky kitchens. No more coughing babies. No more grueling four-kilometer walks for firewood. What’s more amazing than all of that? For the first time in Bagepalli history, men have stepped into the kitchen. Biogas has sparked a natural bond between man and fire. They’re lighting the stove to make chai, heat water, and cook rice. Men are enjoying themselves in the kitchen, and women are enjoying themselves outside of it.
Improvements from biogas extend beyond the home. Trees that were cut down in the past for firewood have started growing again. New wildlife has emerged—including deer and wild pigs. Biogas has surpassed this community’s expectations, and the benefits will only continue. On behalf of everyone here at Cool Effect (and Planet Earth), we thank you for your support.