— Crushing carbon, changing lives

Crushing carbon, changing lives

September 30, 2016
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Thanks for your support!

Just 5 weeks ago we launched Coollection, and our community has grown to over 35,000 members. We couldn’t be more thrilled! As part of the Cool Effect Community, your support isn’t just cooling the earth. It’s fighting off disease, creating jobs, and improving entire communities all over the world.

Your “Cool”-lective impact:
  • 290,565 tonnes of methane turned into energy on the Southern Ute Reservation.
  • Reduced demand for firewood thanks to 250,000 efficient cookstoves in Uganda.
  • Improved air quality in Peruvian households.
  • Provided alternative fertilizer options that improve crop yields in Vietnam.
  • Decreased the amount of logging in the Alto Mayo Forest.
In Uganda, greener stoves have led to more green in the forests—plus more green in locals’ pockets. And saving money on wood boosts the economy as a whole. Just ask local restaurant owner Mama Njuguna, “The stoves have improved my life. Because it is clean, I save half of the charcoal I was using, which makes a huge difference. Even if you light in the house, it is smokeless, so it is really good for everyone.”

And now your support will go even further, because we’ve added two more projects to the Coollection: The Los Santos Wind Power Project and the Nitrous Oxide Abatement Project.

And just as Coollection is growing, so are the ways in which you can take action. Starting in November, we’ll have new ways to add Mother Earth to your gift giving list. And if you want to gift her early, maximize your impact by supporting Coollection with a monthly subscription. This keeps all of our pollution-pulverizing projects doing the most they can to protect our home.