From breaking the law to building a future

September 30, 2016
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People have pledged not to log the Alto Mayo forest.

Thanks for your support!

Imagine trekking 12 miles through rough terrain, in the middle of the night, to saw down enormous trees—all while evading the law. That was how Becerra made a living to support his family… until you came along. Your support for the Alto Mayo Conservation project has given Becerra and others like him a sustainable way to earn a living. His new livelihood? Hummingbirds. Nowadays, you’ll find Becerra running his ecotourism center in Aguas Verdes—fighting to keep trees up instead of hiding to chop them down.

He’s just 1 of 821 who have pledged to not log the Alto Mayo forest in return for benefits like agricultural training, improved cookstoves, educational materials, and medical supplies. It’s your kindness that’s giving this community a sustainable way out. So, one more time—from Cool Effect, Mother Earth, and everyone in Peru—thank you from the bottom of our hearts.