The Business of Climate: The Sellers Pledge

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Dear Colleagues,

I have had the privilege of speaking with numerous partners, each with its own challenges and goals. Businesses and organizations are stepping up for climate in unprecedented numbers. But they are doing so cautiously, and some may argue, too slowly as we face the urgent climate crisis. I’m often asked about the inconsistencies in the price of carbon offsets and part of that answer has to do with pricing by platforms, aggregators, and retailers like Cool Effect. In an effort to bring trust to the entire market, we are diving in.

Cool Effect has formalized our commitment to price transparency with the announcement of The Seller’s Pledge. This legal commitment is part of Cool Effect’s Carbon Done Correctly program and is made to any buyer that purchases carbon offsets on our platform.

The Seller’s Pledge commits to the following:

  • Pricing is always transparent, the buyer and developer know the price
  • Fees are always fixed and fully disclosed
  • No hidden fees or undisclosed markups
  • No hidden markups on proprietary trading
  • Every project represented is triple verified to ensure quality
  • The price per tonne charged by a particular project can vary substantially.

Demand for certain types of carbon offsets is changing. If you have questions on pricing or any other aspect of carbon offsets, please reach out. We are here to help.

Be safe,

Jodi Manning

VP, Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Cool Effect, Inc.