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Nitrous Oxide Abatement

When fertilizer is manufactured, it gives off one of the most powerful of all greenhouse gases—N₂O. This project supports the abatement of N₂O by separating it into its components; nitrogen and oxygen.

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How it works

Fertilizer is used in over 95% of all food crops. It is estimated that without fertilizer, food production would fall by 40% – 50%, and perhaps even more. For the 7 billion people on our planet, fertilizer puts food on the table. The production of agricultural fertilizer, however, releases N₂O into the atmosphere, a powerful greenhouse gas far more potent than CO₂ which stays in the atmosphere for over a century.

There is a solution. N₂O can be tamed. The Catalytic technology used in this project separates N₂O into simple oxygen and nitrogen, both of which exist in abundance in the atmosphere and are environmentally benign. Problem solved.

  • Reduces harmful N₂O emissions (310 times the global warming potential of CO₂)
  • $600,000 in profit generated from previous credits has been donated to Future Farmers of America
  • CF Industries has agreed to give 100% of the proceeds net of $1 per credit which goes to transaction fees to The Nature Conservancy’s project to decrease nutrient runoff from fertilizer use into the Mississippi watershed
  • Monitoring and reporting requirements are strict and complex
  • To install this technology, the plant needs to be temporarily shut down

Why we chose this project

There are no regulations for the abatement of nitrous oxide into the atmosphere in older nitric acid plants despite its high global warming potential. There is very little financial incentive for companies to install abatement technologies in the absence of emission regulations. CF Industries has of its own goodwill invested a great deal of time and money into its Yazoo City N₂O abatement project and corresponding charity initiative, thereby combating the impacts of greenhouse gases in climate change while still producing a product that helps feed the world and promoting social good.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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