Community Biogas Program

This project builds biogas digesters that turn cow poo into clean energy, effectively reducing carbon pollution, waste, and disease in one scoop.

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How it works

So, how does a biogas digester work? Watch the video to see how digesters convert biological waste, cow poo in this case, into usable energy. The recipe is easy: pour the waste into the digester and add water. The waste is decomposed by bacteria in an oxygen free environment (anaerobic) and produces methane gas.  This gas can be used for a clean cooking fuel or other uses. And, the byproduct of the decomposition makes an organic fertilizer that has sparked Bagepalli’s agriculture output.

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions from methane
  • Provides families with clean energy
  • Reduces respiratory illness from indoor cooking smoke, the 5th biggest health issue in the world
  • Provides jobs and financial support in a rural area with limited employment options
  • Droughts can sometimes result in inconsistent use as families may need to sell their cattle
  • Biogas digesters require consistent financial support to fund maintenance

Why we chose this project

The BCS Biogas Project is implemented in the most impoverished region of rural India, yet it is an example of a simple technology achieving success at a household level due to efficient organization and execution. The households receive all the income from the sale of carbon credits once the cost of material and construction of the digester is paid off—in about nine years. In the meantime, the households get free biogas for meeting their cooking needs. This project contributes to a reduction in carbon pollution, air pollution, and water pollution while also helping with waste management, soil fertility, and forest conservation.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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