— Cooking With Gas

The Year of the Dog

January 30, 2019
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Avoid burning 340,000 tonnes of coal

The Year of the Dog began February 16, 2018. According to traditional Chinese lore, people will work hard during this year to advance causes they believe in with action and accomplishment. It has indeed worked out that way.

Also because of your support, this project has been able to install and maintain nearly 400,000 biogas digesters in rural Sichuan province in China, helping nearly 1.2 million low-income people to receive climate-friendly and affordable biogas for cooking, heating, and lighting.

During this year alone, you have helped to:

  • Eliminate 750,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Avoid burning 340,000 tonnes of coal
  • Save untreated manure, corresponding to almost 220,000 tonnes of dry matter
  • Avoid cutting approximately 690,000 tonnes of firewood
  • Replace nearly 100,000 tonnes of chemical fertilizer with high-quality organic fertilizer from the digesters
  • Improve the health of 1.2 million people, mostly women and children, due to less indoor air pollution and better waste management
  • Increase the income of 400,000 rural households by higher agricultural production and lower expenditures for fossil fuels, chemical fertilizer, and medical expenses.

It has certainly been a year of action and accomplishment. By any calendar, it has been a very, very good year.

Thank you for supporting this project, and over a million people in Sichuan, in 2018.