Exponential Achievement

March 6, 2018
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tonnes reduced annually

As a supporter of this project, you know that fighting climate change is all about taking action. And when we all act together, the potential for achievement is exponential. With your support, CF Industries, operating an agricultural fertilizer facility, voluntarily took action to reduce nitrous oxide emissions at its plant in Yazoo City, Mississippi. The project has been a great success and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 200,000 tonnes annually. Now, CF Industries, building on the success of this project, is taking action again. It turns out that fertilizer, which is absolutely vital to grow food for the world’s population, can produce N2O emissions not only in its manufacture but also when applied in the field. Those pollutants can be reduced significantly, however, when fertilizer is properly used. Proactive and responsible, CF Industries has recently launched the 4 Plus Program to assist farmers in sustainable fertilizer use, to achieve the needed crop yields with less fertilizer, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program has been launched in Iowa as a blueprint for climate-sustainable farming everywhere. The power of this program must not be underestimated: with 90,000 farms in Iowa, 2.1 million farms in the U.S., and countless millions of farms worldwide, its potential is truly exponential. The power of your action to support this project is reaching ever further. Your action helped CF Industries to act, and in turn millions of farmers are now poised to also act against climate change. That’s an exponential achievement! Thank you for helping to make this happen!