January 31, 2019
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tonnes offset since inception

In Qori Q’oncha, Peru, Doña Eugenia took pause to reflect contentedly upon all that she saw from her doorstep, across the valley to the hills afar.

She didn’t have to cross the fields of that valley as often to gather firewood from the hillside forests. When she did, she only gathered fallen wood, no longer cutting anything live, because she needed so much less now. It was a kindness to the forest, she felt. Because of the improved cookstove Doña Eugenia built in her house, she had more time now, time for other kindnesses like teaching her kids, making colorful clothes for her family, being with her husband in the fields. She felt she had been given a kindness and kindness to give in return.

This project has installed over 106,000 improved cookstoves in Peru, helped hundreds of thousands like Doña Eugenia, reduced CO₂ emissions by nearly 500,000 tonnes, and reduced firewood consumption by over 330,000 tonnes. Kindnesses give, and kindness to give in return.

Thank you for supporting this project, and Doña Eugenia, in 2018.