Doo Doo Does More – Fighting Methane the Doo Doo Way

November 19, 2021

After 2 weeks of negotiations at COP26 one of the bright shining results was the Global Methane Pledge. This pledge was led by the U.S. and the European Union, with 110 countries vowing to cut methane emissions by at least 30% from 2020 levels by 2030.

This is a terrific program because solving methane, 84 times worse for the environment in a 20-year period, is the fastest down payment we can make on climate change.

We agree! And that’s why we love our methane capture project, Doo Doo Does More. This Biogas Digester project works in rural India to capture and then use methane emissions from animal waste for clean gas cooking. Animal waste is emptied into a Biodigester. The result is clean methane gas, piped into the kitchen for cooking and lighting while and the sanitized organic slurry in the digester can be used to fertilize crops.

This project also helps prevent deforestation. Nearly 70% of rural households currently rely on firewood for cooking. The local community meets this demand by cutting local forests and often selling wood in the marketplace. This transition to clean gas curbs the demand for wood and reduces the cutting of local forests in an already resource-constrained region.

Add it up: this project captures super global warming methane, uses it for clean gas cooking, creates a more sanitary environment, provides free fertilizer, and reduces deforestation of fragile areas.

Yep. Doo Doo definitely does more!