Why Resilient Grasslands Are Unsung Heroes in the Fight Against Climate Change

By Cool Effect September 12, 2022

Jodi Manning, Cool Effect’s VP, Director of Marketing & Partnerships, notes “Whether they’re located in Colorado or anywhere else on the planet, the bottom line is that preserving grasslands is an essential element of fighting climate change. Thanks to the tempting economics and potential profit involved with converting grasslands to agricultural use, many are tempted to plow up these crucial carbon reservoirs and put profit before the planet. Protecting and sustainably maintaining these grasslands is difficult, but carbon projects like May Ranch and Where the Buffalo Roam inspire us every day with their commitment to fighting the good fight and following the principles of Carbon Done Correctly. Thanks to their hard work and your support, preservation of grasslands can, and will, continue to play a crucial role in keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees and protecting the planet for future generations.”