Cool Effect Reaches 600,000 Tonnes Of Carbon Pollution Reduction By Carbon Offsets

By Andrea Bertoli April 9, 2018

Cool Effect has hit a milestone of carbon pollution reduced and has sold over 600,000 tonnes of CO₂ since it launched just two years ago in March, 2016. Additionally, Cool Effect has amassed a community of over 200,000.

To support its milestone news, Cool Effect recently conducted an online Ipsos Poll to better understand the existing outlook on carbon offsets, including misconceptions on average costs, purchasing behaviors, and understanding of an individual’s carbon emissions.

Sometimes the idea of offsets is confusing for consumers. But worse, sometimes it’s misused or people are misled by organizations selling unverified offsets. Cool Effect is one of the few groups that offer ‘carbon done correctly’ by using a triple verification service that ensures that the offsets purchased through its limited project roster has a dedicated and strong impact.