thredUP's Earth Day T-Shirt Collection Hilariously Drags All Of Us For Being Awful To The Planet

By Kali Borovic April 15, 2018

These white tees have gone green for Earth Day, and you’re going to love every single one. ThredUP created a sustainable Earth Day Collection made from secondhand clothing. The brand teamed up with well-known designers to poke a little fun and spread a message about global warming using the basic white tee. Because thredUP isn’t just for thrifting. It’s for making a statement.

ThredUP used secondhand white t-shirts from brands like Celine, Rag & Bone, and J.Crew for the designs. Each one was individually screen-printed on a white t-shirt at a local small business, and the results were hilariously upsetting.

Cartoons include concerned change, which features coins having a concerned conversation, and a girl walking around in a bathing suit and scarf talking about how Tupac is still alive. There are also more serious graphics, like the one that reads “Climate Change Is Not Dead” spelled out in dying flowers.

“This campaign is all about climate change: raising awareness of it, and reducing it. By printing designs on secondhand shirts instead of producing new material, thredUP shoppers reduce their carbon, waste and water footprints,” Karen Clark, Head of Marketing Communications at thredUP, tells Bustle.