Get the holidays off to a flying start!

Find simple solutions to offset your carbon footprint during the busiest (and dirtiest) time of year.

Did you know that your holiday travel can account for as much as 30% of your annual carbon footprint? And with the average American emitting 17 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year (don’t forget to add an additional 3 tonnes for every roundtrip flight)—that’s a HUGE increase in such a small period of time! We know asking people to not fly this time of year is the same as asking them not to eat turkey and drink hot cocoa, that’s why we’re providing these 3 easy ways you can minimize your carbon footprint without becoming a complete Scrooge.

  1. Fly economy
    The carbon footprint of a first-class passenger can be 9 times the footprint of someone flying economy.
  2. Take a nonstop flight
    It might cost a little more, but not having to take off and land for a second time saves both fuel and time.
  3. Buy carbon offsets
    Balance your impact with a carbon reduction project at Cool Effect.

Follow these 3 easy steps and you’ll be enjoying quality time with friends, family, and Mother Earth for years and years to come.

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