Airspace is committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

While we take preventive measures to lower our impact on the planet, we still leave a footprint. We utilize a network of drivers to assist in successfully delivering time-critical goods including organs for transplant, medical devices, and COVID-19 tests and vaccines.

Airspace has neutralized our global driver impact by offsetting our carbon emissions with Cool Effect. These donations support Cup of the Amazon which is working hard to protect the Peruvian Amazon from deforestation and help local communities thrive with jobs outside of the logging industry. We invite you to explore this project and learn about the good work they are doing each day.


Where Does The Money Go?

Cool Effect is home to 12 projects around the globe, all working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions every day.

More than 90% of each dollar you donate goes directly to helping our projects, with a small fee of only 9.87% to help us cover credit charges, research, and possible registration fees.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 1.5% Research Fee
  • 2–4% Payment Processing Fee
  • Registry Fee (where applicable)
  • Remainder for Cool Effect Administration Fee

Who is Cool Effect?

We care about Earth. That’s why we’ve partnered with Soleil Toujours to certifiably offset the carbon footprint of their company and every shipment while making a positive impact on climate change. By working with the world’s best carbon-reducing projects, we’re empowering people with the tools to get educated, take action, and verifiably walk more gently on creation by reducing harmful carbon emissions. For more information on carbon offsets, see our FAQs.