Alissa Van Leuven

“When I was young, our family enjoyed camping and hiking along the California coast. As a teenager, I began to understand that nature is a beautiful codependent system. Human activity has disrupted that system, causing changes that aren’t good for nature or humanity. It is up to all of us to engage in every way we can to restore our climate and our future. People are looking for ways to fight climate change, and we provide that. It’s my job to ensure they know that over 90% of every dollar goes toward that solution and that any donation, whether large or small, can make a difference.”

Alissa Van Leuven understands how systems work, with over 20 years of in-depth accounting and finance experience, including e-commerce, retail, solar financing, nonprofit, and private equity. Her expertise in operational accounting systems and streamlining integration has kept her busy in the start-up world for the last decade. She focused on designing process and procedure frameworks from the ground up.

Drawing on her experience as Controller of Proyecto Mirador Foundation, Alissa has taken on the role of Controller of Cool Effect, commanding operation-critical tasks such as accounting, financial reporting, and administrative management.

Alissa is committed to working hard each day to make sure every cent goes to CO₂ reducing projects. She does this for herself, her world, and mostly, for her family to enjoy for generations to come.