Serving up hope for schools and the planet

November 16, 2017
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children receive a clean-cooked meal every day!

Everyone in Malawi, it seems, wants to participate in this project’s success. With active support of local communities and with your generous donation, this project has provided efficient cookstoves to hundreds of schools, helping the kids, helping the schools, and helping the planet.

Our technical research partner, Sid Yadav, recently visited with Ruth Chitedze, Deputy Head Mistress at the Phuli Primary School in Malawi, who reports that 1,400 students at the school are fed every day using the new cookstoves built by this project. Community support for the project, she says, has been gratifying:

Both the school and community members participated in the installation and building of the Mayankho cookstoves. The school contributed bricks and sand while the beneficiary community (from villages surrounding the school) contributed labor in terms of workforce helping in carrying bricks, sand, and other materials used when building.

And local villagers, so enthusiastic, want to help even more: Many volunteer daily to assist with cooking meals at the school.

At Phuli Primary, and at schools all across Malawi, over 325,000 school children are benefitting from this project, providing for their future, and, at the same time, providing for the future of our planet by reducing wood consumption by 75%, thereby saving forests from destruction and reducing carbon emissions by over 20,000 tonnes annually.

Because more school children are waiting and because more communities are clamoring to help, project momentum is racing to reach 1,000 new cookstoves and will get there with your continued support. Thank you!