Fresher produce and a cooler planet

November 16, 2017
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biogas units built!

They’re seeing red in Bagepalli, India. And yellow and orange and purple and a dozen shades of green. It’s beautiful! The local farmers’ market has never seen so much gorgeous produce!

Thanks to this project, more families in Bagepalli are getting access to biogas digesters to convert animal waste into clean cooking. A byproduct of the biogas digesters is high-quality organic fertilizer that works extremely well on crops. Using this fertilizer, families have been able to dramatically increase their crop yields, and the local market is overflowing with fresh, colorful produce like never before.

Already, with your support, this project has installed over 16,600 biogas systems in Bagepalli, and even more than increasing crops, these systems help Mother Earth by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 43,000 tonnes annually, an amount equivalent to the greenhouse gases produced by over 10,000 cars. And that clean cooking fuel, by eliminating the use of firewood, is saving local forests from destruction.

During a recent visit to Bagepalli, Sid Yadav, CEO of Global Offset Research, witnessed firsthand the success of the biogas digester project and tells us, “The project is a ‘win-win’ because not only has the local community avoided methane emissions, which would have contributed to global warming, but also the project has provided access to clean energy (biogas) and promotes sustainable farming practices.” Community support for the project is, understandably, tremendous. For helping them and for helping Mother Earth, all the people in Bagepalli enthusiastically say, “Thank you!”