— Go Ahead, Aim High

Go Ahead, Aim High

March 6, 2018
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acres of rainforest protected in Alto Mayo

While you enjoy your first cup of coffee, set some goals for your day, such as:
  • Help a million people today
  • Do something that truly fights climate change
Then, enjoy your coffee in confidence because your goals have been reached. In Honduras and Peru, where the projects in the Brew-tiful gift package fight climate change and deforestation, over one million people on small family farms grow coffee to make their living. The coffee we drink today may well come from their farms. But climate change, drought, and deforestation are threatening coffee crops. That’s where these projects come in. Because of your support, these projects are working their way to a more sustainable future. Pour yourself another cup and consider these highlights from the Cool Effect Brew-tiful gift package:
  • In Alto Mayo, Peru, with the help of local coffee farmers, over 450,000 acres of rainforest are being protected from destruction, and over 500,000 tonnes of carbon emissions eliminated annually
  • In Honduras, where over a billion pounds of coffee are produced every year, millions of trees have been saved by reducing firewood consumption, and over one million tonnes of carbon emissions eliminated from Earth’s atmosphere
By supporting these projects, you have made a difference. Your donation has helped fight climate change by helping support a million coffee farmers. Thank you!