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June 21, 2018
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4.1 million tonnes

of CO₂ emissions reduced so far

The people of Sichuan Province in China have been a part of this land for over 3,500 years. While China has changed in recent times, Sichuan, which is rural, remains an agricultural idyll. The Sichuan people like their communities, their family life, their traditional ways. But they are also open to new ideas.

Huang Ming and her extended family raise crops and livestock on their farm. The cost of charcoal for cooking and of fertilizer is high. On a tight budget, this held them back. With the help of this project, Huang Ming jumped at the opportunity to install a biogas digester on their farm to convert animal waste into clean methane gas for cooking and lighting. It also produces organic fertilizer for their crops. The savings in charcoal and fertilizer alone every year exceed the initial cost of the digester. Between lower expenses and rising income from more bountiful crops, the family has turned a corner. They were able to improve the quality of their lives with health care, education, and renewed possibilities.

That is great for Huang Ming and her family, but even more, it is great for planet Earth. Across Sichuan, this project has installed nearly 400,000 biogas digesters and has reduced CO emissions by an equivalent of 4.1 million tonnes until now. This project has momentum, and many more digesters shall be installed going forward!

For Huang Ming, for climate change, and for this project, you stepped up to make it all happen. You make a huge difference for planet Earth! Thank you for your support!