You have friends in Los Santos

August 8, 2017
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tonnes eliminated every year!

Thanks for your support!

The Los Santos wind energy project in Costa Rica has a big mission: to provide 12.75 MW of energy to 50,000 people and to save 11,000 tonnes of CO₂ annually. With your support, the project has now accomplished all of that, and so much more.

Let’s visit a local restaurant, La Paz, to hear what some of the good people of Los Santos might have to say about the project:

First, we meet Carlos, who owns the restaurant. The wind project, he explains, helped make a success of the business, and has enabled him to give back to the community. He is pleased, too, that the restaurant has become a local meeting place.

Carlos introduces us to Joaquin, a wind turbine technician, who is grateful every day that he can live and work in this place he loves. With a wide sweep of his hand, he says that when working atop a wind turbine, a hundred feet in the air, he sees “all of the greatness of Los Santos in front of me!”

Over here we meet Franklin, proud to be able to expand employment at his landscaping company. “The project is part of our lives now,” he beams, “and enables us to help each other.”

With your support, the Los Santos wind project helps the climate and helps the people of this fine community. They insist that when you visit Los Santos, please drop in at the La Paz restaurant so they can personally say, “Thank you!”