— Your support means the world to us

Your support means the world to us

August 8, 2017
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tonnes reduced!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for joining us in the fight against climate change. Whether you supported the Coollection directly, or helped Save Our Snowmen, you have helped reduce over 76,000 tonnes of carbon pollution at some of the world’s best carbon-busting projects! That’s the equivalent of stopping 81,099,227 pounds of coal from being burned.

Your support isn’t just cooling the earth: It’s fighting disease, creating jobs, and improving entire communities all over the world. Check out updates on all the projects your donation supported here.

Highlights from Our “Cool”-lective Impact:

  • Converted 290,565 tonnes of methane into clean energy for the Southern Ute Tribe
  • Distributed 250,000 efficient cookstoves in Uganda, reducing the demand for firewood
  • Protected 450,000 acres from deforestation in the Alto Mayo Forest
  • Achieved our first goal, reducing carbon pollution for the people of Vietnam!

So, on behalf of everyone here at Cool Effect, Mother Earth, and the people who inhabit it—thank you for your support.