Sustainable Lifestyle Love for Clean Air

By Alison Abbot February 4, 2018

Love is in the air and I am always looking for a clever gift for my honey that goes a bit beyond chocolates. My favorite find for Valentines this year? A sustainable lifestyle choice that demonstrates your love by giving back to Mother Earth in an impactful way. These gifts are perfect for anyone who supports a healthy environment and wants to reduce greenhousegases.

Say I love you to your sweetie as well as the planet with a carbon reduction project from Cool Effect. If you are here reading Green with Renvy, I am sure like myself, you are concerned about carbon emissions. After traveling to most of the destinations involved in these projects, I can assure you that they will all make a difference in the environment and the effects of climate change.

Cool Effect – a premier destination for world-class and carefully selected carbon reduction projects – recently launched its new gift center so it’s easier than ever for people to gift their sweethearts something that gives back to Mother Earth.