Climate Solutions: This Or That Or This And That?

By Dee Lawrence June 14, 2024

We can all agree that climate change is a major problem facing the planet and its people. But there’s lots of disagreement over how best to tackle the problem presented by our rapidly warming planet. Climate change is a multifaceted issue, and its solutions are just as complex as the problem itself. But come on, folks! It’s time to stop disagreeing over what’s the best solution and admit that we need everything.

It’s no secret that in the field of environmental action, there are myriad solutions on the table—from carbon capture technology to clean energy initiatives, from reforestation efforts to mitigation with high-quality carbon credit projects, and more—and every single one of these solutions is touted as important by its advocates. With so many backing their particular solution, prioritizing can feel like people are taking hundreds of different sides, but in reality, we’re all taking one side: Earth’s.