Vox’s Gift Guide for Science Lovers

By Vox Staff November 19, 2018

Cool Effect is helping restore Mangroves in Myanmar, an important sink for carbon dioxide to help fight climate change.
Cool Effect
We may have less than a dozen years to limit global warming to a marginally more tolerable catastrophe, but if you still feel an insatiable drive to consume driven by the miasma of capitalism that enshrouds us all, why not plant a tree? Nature has already invented wonderful solar-powered devices that suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it in the ground.

You can donate to the National Forest Foundation to plant trees in National Forests for about a dollar per tree. But if you want to specifically offset greenhouse gas emissions, Cool Effect supports a variety of projects around the world, from restoring mangroves to providing clean cookstoves, and lets you donate to match a specific quantity of CO2.