You don’t need a national debate to know climate change is our most pressing issue.

There’s no more waiting for political consensus—2016 is officially the hottest year ever recorded.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent—the most important and pressing issue of our lifetime, climate change, hasn’t and isn’t being talked about at the presidential debates. But, there is one place where global warming isn’t up for debate, and it’s here at Cool Effect. Instead, we engage with people like you in meaningful conversations backed by bona fide facts in support of the world’s best carbon-reducing projects.

Simply put, it’s crowdsourcing for the planet.

Scientifically qualified, third-party verified.

Our team of climate scientists sifts through thousands of environmental efforts worldwide and identifies the top carbon-cutting projects. We then put them all in one place, our Coollection, so you can easily take action.

Make a difference in the fight against climate change.