Traveling could be hard on you, but it’s also hard on the planet.

Tall Heights has partnered with Cool Effect to make it simple to offset your carbon footprint.

Attending a Tall Heights show?

Every time you travel (even a small distance), you put CO₂ into the atmosphere. This warms the planet and poses a risk to us all. Estimate your impact from the options below and balance with an offset now.

Traveling locally?

Offset 1 metric tonne of carbon pollution

Traveling cross country?

Offset 2 metric tonnes of carbon pollution

Offset yourself for a year.

Offset annual emissions (approx. 17 tonnes)

Calculating personal emissions is a tricky business. If you’d like an amount tailored to your exact travel, please write to us at and we’ll put our team of experts on it!

How a stove became a hero

Less than .5 percent of Malawi has access to any sort of efficient cooking. So having an institutional stove that can serve an entire classroom of students is a big deal. Your support today can help us install stoves for more than 1,000 institutions—feeding more than a million students. Serving lunch and planet Earth at the same time? Now that’s efficient.

Cookstoves For Kids