Survey Findings Show Motivation Behind the Climate Concerned

Cool Effect partnered with Ipsos Research to evaluate consumer sentiment and reasons for preserving our planet among those who already believe climate change is caused by humans.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Nearly everyone surveyed (98%) believes that protecting the environment is important, with seven-in-ten going so far as to indicate very important.
  • Three quarters believe that there is something they can do personally to fight climate change. Millennials (79%, 18-34), parents (81%), the more educated (81%) and married individuals (79%) are especially optimistic.
  • While this sense of personal ownership and empowerment is encouraging, surprisingly only 40 percent of respondents have actually taken action by supporting an organization that is fighting climate change or advocating for climate policy. (Nearly half of this group are millennials (48%).)

Get the whole scoop, including the many personal reasons people have for wanting to save the planet, by checking out the complete survey report. Because Cool Effect champions each and every unique reason, its #TonofReasons campaign encourages and empowers all who care about preventing climate change to take action by visiting