Offset your travel to the SAA Annual Meeting—and beyond!

The Society of American Archivists, with the help of Cool Effect, invites all SAA members to participate in a simple way to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by our travel to SAA Annual Meetings—and beyond! Choose the option that is right for you!

SAA has chosen to support the Nitrous Oxide Abatement project at this time, but we encourage you to explore Cool Effect’s range of projects to see if there’s one you’d prefer to support.

Offset a round trip flight totaling 12 hours or less

About 1 tonne of carbon pollution

Offset a round trip flight totaling more than 12 hours

About 2 tonnes of carbon pollution

Calculating personal emissions is a tricky business. If you’d like an amount tailored to your exact travel, please write to us at and we’ll put our team of experts on it!

This initiative is sponsored by Society of American Archivists.