Lunch is served! Malawi, Africa


Finding a way to decrease deforestation while simultaneously feeding hungry children may seem like a wild dream in one of the world’s poorest countries, but thanks to your support, it’s a reality.

And we’re happy to report that, thanks to you, the construction of clean cookstoves at four new institutions is underway! That means 1,200 children in Malawi will get a clean-cooked meal every day.

This project’s work is great for the planet but also great for the children of Malawi. Why? Well, when children get fed at school, their parents are more likely to send them to school. This disproportionally favors girls, who are more likely to be kept home than boys. Why is this so important? Research shows that educated girls are more likely to have fewer and healthier children and to head families that are food secure.

Children also learn more at school when they aren’t hungry. 98% of teachers in Malawi say that children pay more attention in their classes when they’re fed, and 99% of kids say it’s easier to learn!

Thank you for supporting this project,

Team Cool Effect