Not all carbon credits and carbon offsets are created equal.

Whether you’re looking to offset your carbon footprint or purchase a carbon credit, you have many choices. But they are not all created equal. Cool Effect was born from the idea that carbon, when done correctly, is a powerful tool.

  1. When you buy a carbon credit from Cool Effect, you are supporting a project that verifiably reduces harmful emissions.

    Our projects have been through an additional screening by our climate scientists to verify that they scientifically reduce greenhouse gas. All documentation is posted on each project page in the lower left corner for you to review.

  2. Each of our projects is 100% additional.

    Every one of our projects removes additional carbon from our atmosphere—that is, additional to what might have been done if the project had not been created. If a carbon removal project is a profitable venture without the added income from the sale of carbon credits, or can survive for any other reason—such as regulation, common practice, or government funding—it cannot be additional. In other words, Cool Effect projects only exist because of the value created by your purchase of credits.

  3. Our founders know from experience what it takes to create the world’s best carbon projects.

    They have been doing this for over 15 years. See their story.

  4. We march to the beat of transparency so you know where your money goes.

    Cool Effect is dedicated to transparency in our own operations—90.13 percent of everything you fund goes directly to our project partners. The only fee Cool Effect places on your contribution is a 9.87 percent fee. This includes unavoidable credit card costs of 2 to 4 percent, the cost of the registry to retire the credit where applicable, and a research fee of 1.5 percent. Whatever is left over, generally around 5 percent, goes to cover a portion of the Cool Effect administration costs.

  5. We make things easy. We make your support tangible.

    It is easy to purchase a carbon credit (or multiples) on our platform. You can choose any one of our 9 projects and buy the number of credits you’d like or you can support them all with any dollar amount. Once you do, we will report back to you quarterly on the progress that the project has made with your help.

To learn more about the projects our community of 72,000 strong support, start exploring here.