Air travel can be hard on you, but it’s also hard on the planet.

We’ve made it simple to offset your carbon footprint.

Every time you take a flight, you put CO₂ into the atmosphere. This warms the planet and poses a risk to us all. Estimate your impact from the options below and balance with an offset today.

Offset 1 one-way domestic flight

About 1 metric tonne of carbon pollution

Offset 1 round-trip domestic flight

About 2 metric tonnes of carbon pollution

Offset 1 round-trip international trip

About 3 metric tonnes of carbon pollution

Calculating personal emissions is a tricky business, so if you’d like an amount tailored to your exact travel, please write to us at and we’ll put our team of experts on it!

Are you a business looking to offset?

We can help! Write to us at or click below to email.

Who is Cool Effect?

Cool Effect puts people and the planet first. We have brought together the best carbon reducing projects in the world so individuals like you can support them. Your dollar joins others to crowdfund for climate change. Together, we can cool the planet.