Director of Project Research

Sid Yadav

“During the last ten years, while working on climate change mitigation projects, I have realized that many high-quality projects are unable to expand or even survive due to a lack of available financing from the sale of carbon credits. Policymakers have continuously failed to reach a meaningful agreement on carbon abatement at an international level.

I admire Cool Effect for their approach of dealing with this issue, by providing individuals and companies with the opportunity to support high-quality carbon abatement programs, instead of waiting for governments to create an international agreement for reducing carbon emissions.”

Sid Yadav is the director of project research at Cool Effect. He works closely with the technical advisory board and in collaboration with key greenhouse gas experts globally. He is responsible for technical due diligence of financial, socio-economic, and climate change related attributes of various projects in energy/renewable energy and avoided deforestation sectors.

Sid has evaluated more than 1500 carbon mitigation projects in 62 countries. During 2007–14, he headed the technical teams of a United Nations-accredited Designated Operational Entity—SGS United Kingdom Ltd. He also chaired the Designated Operational Entity Forum during 2008/09—a body representing global verifiers at the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat.

Sid has a degree in Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford.