Greening the Internet, one website at a time

Web Neutral Project is partnering with Cool Effect in order to begin addressing the carbon footprint of the Web. Through carbon foot printing, energy efficient design, and high-quality carbon offset projects, we can bring light the growing emissions of our digital world.

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Breath of Fresh Air

This project constructs cookstoves in rural homes that provide clean air and health benefits to the families.


Cup of the Amazon (Pur)

This project protects an area twice the size of New York City from deforestation by working with local communities to create new jobs from coffee and ecosystem services rather than logging.

About Cool Effect

Cool Effect was born from the idea that we’re causing climate change, but we’re also the ones who will solve it. There are many things we can do to help, such as recycle, reduce and reuse – but we still emit carbon pollution. That’s why our platform brings together the world’s highest quality CO₂-reducing projects. Because small actions can ignite planet-sized change.