Earth is Taxed.

You help people with their taxes. And boy does Earth need some relief. That’s why Rowbotham International has teamed up with Cool Effect in the battle against climate change. Choose from the below projects and for every tonne of carbon pollution you retire, your company will match it.

Even Accountants Emit CO₂ Just By Crunching Numbers

The average American emits 17 tonnes of carbon pollution a year just by breathing, eating, and yes, even saving people money on their taxes. By retiring one tonne a month and having Rowbotham International match your contribution, you’re verifiably neutralizing your carbon emissions for the year and then some.

Tonnes per Year





Breath of Fresh Air

This project constructs cookstoves in rural homes that provide clean air and health benefits to poor, rural families in Central America.

About Cool Effect

Cool Effect was born from the idea that we’re causing climate change, but we’re also the ones who will solve it. There are many things we can do to help, such as recycle, reduce and reuse – but we still emit carbon pollution. That’s why our platform brings together the world’s highest quality CO₂-reducing projects. Because small actions can ignite planet-sized change.