Empowering local environmental stewards. Los Santos, Costa Rica


In 2016, the Los Santos wind project gained some serious international cred. The German government decided to use the carbon credits from this project to offset air travel emissions, proving once again that this project is truly world class.  And this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for support from amazing eco-minded people like you!

The great work doesn’t stop there: Another 27,000 tonnes of CO2 have been verified as being reduced by this project. And what’s more, the Los Santos community of 37,000 owners and operators of the wind project are spreading the clean energy news! The COOPESANTOS rural cooperative’s project has been so successful that they have started teaching and training people from all over Costa Rica. 600 people attended environmental and renewable-energy workshops on site, and several other communities are learning how to re-create Los Santos’s success. The demand is so great for education that construction of a Green Center is underway to help empower even larger groups to learn more about how to fight climate change.

A breath of fresh air. Los Santos, Costa Rica

Thank you for supporting this project,

Team Cool Effect