The Air Adventure Pack

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There’s nothing like hopping on a plane for a new adventure. It’s hard to beat the excitement that happens when the wheels go up. While flying can be fun or necessary, it’s always tough on our planet. Each domestic flight produces about 1 tonne of carbon emissions per person. An international flight produces about 2 tonnes.

Giving the gift of travel offsets can help change all that. Our Air Adventure Pack wipes away the excess carbon baggage that comes from air travel by supporting the world’s best carbon-fighting projects. Whether you offset a single flight or a fleet of trips, you’re bound to make someone’s heart soar with this unique gift.

When you purchase the Air Adventure Pack, your options include:

  1. A personalized digital certificate with the recipient’s name and a message from you.
    This can be delivered to the recipient via email within 1 hour or on a date of your choice.
  2. “Print at home” version of the digital certificate delivered to you within 1 hour of purchase.