Our Promise – Carbon Done Correctly

We march to the beat of transparency and tangibility.

Cool Effect conducts a detailed due diligence on each project on our platform. To start, we work with a team of climate scientists to decide what projects are worthy of becoming Cool Effect projects.

Cool Effect projects are 100% additional and are set up to have a long-term impact on both the planet and their local communities.

They also make sure that each project is 100% additional. Huh? No, that is not a typo. “Additionality” means that every one of our projects removes additional carbon from our atmosphere—that is, additional to what might have been done if the project had not been created. If a carbon removal project is a profitable venture without the added income from the sale of carbon credits, or can survive for any other reason—such as regulation, common practice, or government funding—it cannot be additional. In other words, Cool Effect projects only exist because of the value created by your purchase of credits. Rally on!!!

Our aim is to bring all this information to our members so you can make an informed decision about how you want to fight climate change.

We also hold ourselves to high standards. Cool Effect is dedicated to transparency in our own operations—90.13% of everything you fund goes directly to our project partners. The only fee Cool Effect places on your contribution is a 9.87% fee. This includes unavoidable credit card costs of 2% to 4%, the cost of the registry to retire the credit where applicable, and a research fee of 1.5%. Whatever is left over, generally around 5%, goes to cover a portion of the Cool Effect administration costs.

We call our promise “carbon done correctly.”